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Mobile Home
I am unable to come in; can I give someone the authority to sign title-related documents on my behalf?
This answer has been viewed 2672 times and was last updated on 09/13/2018.
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Not a Manatee County resident?  Effective 7/24/17, Out-of-County residents needing to process title and/or registration transactions for vehicles, boats, and mobile homes can only be served at First Manatee South County Tag Agency, located at 5756 14th St W, Bradenton.

Yes; you can complete a Limited Power of Attorney Form and appoint someone to sign title-related documents on your behalf, provided they have their valid (unexpired) state-issued license/ID or valid (unexpired) passport with them.

The form is vehicle-specific; therefore, multiple vehicles would require a separate form.

Please note that this is not the same type of Power of Attorney that is prepared by a lawyer; however a General or Durable Power of Attorney may also be accepted upon approval by our office.

You must present our office with the original Limited Power of Attorney Form.  If using a General or Durable Power of Attorney, you may submit a photocopy in lieu of the original. 

Note: If the General or Durable Power of Attorney was issued on or after 10/01/2011, it must also include two witness' signatures, the principal's signature and notarization (or a perjury clause if not notarized).  If it does not have all of these components, it cannot be accepted.

Any Power of Attorney submitted must be accompanied by a legible photocopy of the applicant's valid (unexpired) state-issued license/ID or valid (unexpired) passport.

For additional information on Florida title transfers, view our Florida Title Transfer publication.

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