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Where should the FL # and decal be displayed on a boat?
This answer has been viewed 1894 times and was last updated on 05/27/2015.
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The FL # and decal must be displayed as follows:

  • The FL # must be painted or affixed to both sides of the bow (forward half) of the boat.
  • The FL # must be in block letters at least three (3) inches high.
  • The FL # must read from left to right and must contrast in color with the hull and be in legible condition at all times.
  • The letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or hyphen equal to the letter width. (Example: FL 0000 AA)
  • The FL # issued to a boat is permanent and remains with the boat as long as it is operated or stored in Florida.
  • The decal must be displayed on the front port (left) side of the boat within six (6) inches of the FL #. It may be placed immediately before or after the FL #. (Any decals for a previous year must be removed from the boat.)

For additional information, view the Facts for Florida Boat Owners publication.

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