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Property Tax
If my bank/mortgage company states they paid my real estate taxes, why does your website show the taxes as "unpaid"?
This answer has been viewed 1952 times and was last updated on 11/28/2018.
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Banks and mortgage companies traditionally use a mortgage servicer, who acts as a "middleman" between the Tax Collector and the bank/mortgage company. The mortgage servicer compiles all the payments for the banks/mortgage companies they service, and they transmit one or more large payment files to the Tax Collector electronically.

If your bank/mortgage company states the taxes are paid and our website does not reflect a "paid" status yet, it is most likely because the mortgage servicer has not compiled all the payments and transmitted them to the Tax Collector yet. The mortgage servicer has until the last day of the discount period to transmit their payment file to the Tax Collector, and processing can take 10 days to 2 weeks for the Tax Collector to post. Property owners should check with their bank/mortgage company to verify that payment has been sent to the Tax Collector or the mortgage servicer. F.S. 501.137 requires that property taxes be paid during the 4% discount period, to allow property owners the maximum discount, however, the 4% discount applies to payment files postmarked (or received) by the last day of the discount period.

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