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Driver License
How do I obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL) for the first time?
This answer has been viewed 1893 times and was last updated on 02/06/2018.
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Please read the CDL Brochure for specific requirements for obtaining a CDL for the first time.

The following are required before visiting our Driver License Office (DLO) to take your CDL Written Exams (written exams available for Manatee County residents only):

  1. Schedule an appointment online.
  2. Complete a Driver License Application, and bring the completed application to your appointment.
  3. For a complete list of acceptable identity documents, visit

Note: Exams must be started before 4:00 PM at the latest and completed by 4:50 PM.

Please read our Upgrade Class E to CDL and CDL Classifications, Endorsements & Restrictions Customer Information Publications for additional requirements. 

Our Driver License Office (DLO) does not administer CDL Road Skills Testing or HAZMAT Endorsements.

View the State DHSMV's website for more information.

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