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I have an old boat that was only used on a private lake/pond, so it has never been titled or registered in Florida. What do I need to do to register it now?
This answer has been viewed 4945 times and was last updated on 10/09/2018.
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Not a Manatee County resident?  Effective 7/24/17, Out-of-County residents needing to process title and/or registration transactions for vehicles, boats, and mobile homes can only be served at First Manatee South County Tag Agency, located at 5756 14th St W, Bradenton.

This transaction is only processed at one of the following locations:

  • The First Manatee South County Tag Agency - 5756 14th St W, Bradenton 34207.  Open Mon - Fri 9am-6pm & Sat 9am-2pm.  This office accepts cash and check only.  A 2% fee will be charged on check transactions to guarantee funds.  Appointments can only be scheduled online.
  • The DeSoto office - 819 301 Blvd W, Bradenton, 34205.  Open Mon - Fri 9-5.  Appointments can only be scheduled online.

To process the transaction:

  • The boat must be 5 years old or older.
  • All owners will need to be present with their valid (unexpired) state-issued license/ID or valid (unexpired) passport.
  • If the boat was purchased from someone, a bill of sale will need to be provided. The seller must specify the purchase price and include an affidavit that explains why the boat was never titled or registered before.
  • If the boat has a hull identification number, a legible pencil tracing of the hull number is required.
  • If the boat does not have a hull identification number, FWC will need to inspect the boat and complete the "Inspection for Other Than Homemade Boat" form. This form must be submitted for titling.
  • Additional affidavits may be required, depending on circumstance.
  • Title and registration fees will apply and sales tax may also be collected, when applicable.
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