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Fishing and Hunting
I am disabled; am I entitled to a free fishing license or hunting license?
This answer has been viewed 3735 times and was last updated on 10/09/2018.
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Yes; any Florida resident is entitled to a license without a fee provided they are certified by one of the following to be totally and permanently disabled:

  1. The United States Railroad Retirement Board,
  2. Any branch of the United States Armed Forces,
  3. The United States Social Security Administration,
  4. Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Worker's Compensation,
  5. State of Florida Department of Veterans Affairs,
  6. An order from a Judge of Compensation Claims, or
  7. The United States Veterans Administration.

You must print the Disabled Resident’s Hunting/Fishing License Application and mail or fax it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. You may also apply online at Upon approval of your application, you will be issued a 5-year license (2-year if certified by Social Security Administration), which must be printed from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website at (Note: This does not cover a Federal Duck Stamp, which must be purchased at the Post Office or online at, if desired.)

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