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Effective September 30, 2017, Internet browser update may be required before paying property taxes online  (Published 08-24-2017)

Effective September 30, 2017, our online property tax payment system will be updated to use security protocol TLS 1.2, as required by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

If you are not using the newest version of your Internet browser, you might not be able to pay your Manatee County property taxes online after September 29, 2017. This is because many older Internet browsers are not compatible with TLS 1.2, and those browsers will not be able to complete the online payment process.

If you wish to pay your property taxes online, you might need to update your browser to ensure it's compatible with TLS 1.1 and higher. To check, read the browser compatibility notesPDF file. You may also test your browser's compatibility by visiting a TLS compatibility test websiteNew window.

Please ensure ahead of time that your browser is compatible or that you upgrade it as necessary. Our office cannot grant exceptions (such as extending discount periods or waiving penalties) if you miss your payment deadline because you attempted to pay online with an incompatible browser.

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