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Tiffany Gould is the Lillie Robinson Humanitarian Award recipient 2017  (Published 10-18-2017)

Tiffany Gould was nominated by her peers and selected by the Manatee County Tax Collector's Senior Team as recipient of The Lillie Award, named for Lillie Robinson, who donated thousands of hours to the community before her untimely death in 2012. Others receiving nominations were Tanya Ranney, Sharmaine Bridges, Sara Sasada and Sharon Gasper.

In making the announcement at the 2017 Columbus Day In-service Work Day October 9th, Tax Collector Ken Burton, Jr., recognized Tiffany's community involvement and noted that two people nominated her and that she is the first part-time employee to receive the honor. Tiffany has been an employee of the office since July 2016.

Tiffany has recorded 164 hours of community service this year alone. She serves on the Admin Team as an administrative Leader for Bible Study Fellowship, Int. In this role she prepares for weekly leaders meetings on Saturday mornings and evening classes. She volunteers at her church preparing for monthly potluck dinners, organizing movie nights and cleaning up afterward along with serving in the nursery.

Not only is Tiffany involved in the community, she is extremely gracious to her team members as well. One nominator wrote, "I believe Tiffany Gould is a great candidate for the Lillie Robinson Humanitarian Award because she is an excellent co-worker that is always willing to help. She exemplifies our core values on a daily basis. Tiffany is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. As a fairly new employee, she made me feel right at home, helping me with any issues and concerns I had. She also gave me some tips and advice that were a great help to me on my transition to floating to new branches. Tiffany has been an overall great friend to work with."

The other wrote, "Tiffany is the nicest person that I may have ever met. She is such a caring individual. She goes out of her way to take care of me when I am sick. She will even drive and drop medicine off for me and my children. She frequently checks in to make sure that I do not need anything. During the hurricane, she even called and offered me to go over and use her home while she was out of town. During work she is always smiling and has a wonderful attitude. I see that she has put in a large amount of community service hours. Tiffany is amazing in my book. I have never met anyone who hardly knows me, but is so invested in helping make my life better. I know she is like this with many others."

Tiffany Gould exemplifies our Integrity and Respect, Teamwork, Community and Social Responsibility core values, and it is for these reasons she was selected as this year's recipient. The Lillie Award carries with it a certificate, name engraved on the trophy, listed on the Lillie Robinson Humanitarian Award page the office web, a Popi's Restaurants gift certificate, a bonus unileave day and names a themed casual day in her honor.

Lillie Robinson Humanitarian Award recipient 2017, Tiffany Gould

The mission of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office is to perform our duties with integrity and respect, focusing on innovation and serving with excellence.
Manatee County Tax Collector is a 2011 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient

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