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Florida Statute 125.0104 states that every person who rents, leases or lets for consideration any living quarters or accommodations for a term of six months or less should collect and remit the 5% tourist development tax and the 7% state sales tax.

For rent sign with evader hotline phone number 941-741-4809 Since our office began collecting the tourist tax in 1989, we have relied on tips from the public to help us identify and contact property owners who are not collecting and remitting the tourist tax. While some property owners may simply be unaware of the law, others know the law but choose to evade it.

The revenue from this tax helps your local economy. The tax is used to promote and advertise tourism, operate the Bradenton Area Convention Center, and finance beach renourishment. If you know or suspect that someone is renting out property but is not collecting and remitting this tax, you can anonymously file a tip. Simply call our Tourist Tax Evader Hotline at (941) 741-4809 or complete the form below, and we'll do the rest.

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Submit an anonymous tip

Use this form to anonymously report tourist tax evaders. Please note that public records law prohibits us from reporting the progress of any investigation. Thank you!


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