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Heavy Truck Registration and Calculating Gross Vehicle Weight
1. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Trucks, tractors, and GVW wreckers that weigh more than 5,000 pounds are considered heavy trucks.  For heavy trucks, the OWNER must declare the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and how the vehicle will be registered. If you are stopped by law enforcement or Department of Transportation and your truck is not properly registered, the Manatee County Tax Collector's office will not be responsible for the wrong class or GVW being declared.
Below are instructions on how to calculate the GVW: 
2. Heavy Truck Registration Renewal Period
Heavy trucks must be renewed in accordance with the following registration renewal periods:
Heavy trucks with a GVW of 5,001 lbs – 7,999 lbs owned by an individual
 Annually by the first registered owner’s birthday of each year, or
 Biennially (every 2 years) by the first registered owner’s birthday of the second year.

All other heavy trucks, tractors, and GVW wreckers (owned by a business, GVW greater than 7,999 pounds, owned by a business with a GVW of 5,001 lbs – 7,999 lbs, etc.) 
 Annually by December 31 of each year, or
 Semi-annually by May 31 and December 31 of each year.  A semi-annual registration is only available if (1) the annual license fee exceeds $100 and (2) the vehicle registration is not required to be apportioned under the International Registration Plan.   
 Biennially (every 2 years) by December 31 of the second year.  A biennial registration is only available for trucks with a net (empty) weight of 7,999 lbs or less.
3. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)
If declaring a GVW over 54,999 lbs, you must submit proof of payment of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on IRS Form 2290 before we can register your heavy truck, tractor, bus or GVW wrecker; unless you are otherwise exempt. (Heavy trucks purchased within 60 days prior to registration are exempt from showing proof of HVUT, subject to verification.)
You must provide copies of a current year Form 2290 legibly stamped or watermarked received by the IRS for each truck you want to renew, even if the trucks are listed on the same Form 2290. Our office retains these copies with your paperwork, so do not provide us with the original. If you cannot provide our office with the necessary copies, your transaction(s) will be rejected.
The year, make, and vehicle identification number on the Form 2290 must match the registration and include the FEID. And, the GVW category must be equal to or higher than the GVW declared on the registration for the next year.

For additional information, visit irs.gov or contact the local IRS office:
5971 Cattleridge Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34232
(844) 545-5640
4. Yearly Fee Schedule Based on Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
IMPORTANT: A delinquent fee of $10 to $250 will be imposed on renewals received more than 10 days late.
**Specialty plate fees NOT included**
5,001 - 5,999 Contact Insurance Agent $72.85
6,000 – 7,999 Contact Insurance Agent $99.85
8,000 – 9,999 Contact Insurance Agent $115.10
10,000 – 14,999 Contact Insurance Agent $140.10
15,000 – 19,999 Contact Insurance Agent $199.10
20,000 – 26,000 Contact Insurance Agent $273.10
26,001 – 34,999 $50,000 Combined Liability $346.10
35,000 – 43,999 $100,000 Combined Liability $427.10
44,000 – 54,999 $300,000 Combined Liability $795.10
55,000 – 61,999 $300,000 Combined Liability $938.10
62,000 – 71,999 $300,000 Combined Liability $1102.10
72,000 and up $300,000 Combined Liability $1344.10

Note: The Manatee County Tax Collector's Office accepts cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards. A $2.50 processing fee for debit cards and a 2.5% processing fee (minimum of $2.50) for credit cards will apply. Our office does not retain any portion of this fee.
5. Insurance Requirements for Heavy Trucks with a GVW of 26,001 Pounds and Up

 Provide a COPY of a current (valid) Florida insurance policy or Florida Certificate of Insurance (ACORD) form as proof of Florida insurance coverage (see sample on the right). 
 The proof of insurance must specifically state that the truck(s) you want to renew are covered. 
 At least $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) must be listed separately from the combined single limits.  See [1] below. 
 Combined Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) per occurrence must be listed based on the truck’s declared GVW as shown below. See [2] below.

    GVW                           Combined Liability
26,001 – 34,999 lbs               $50,000
35,000 – 43,999 lbs               $100,000
44,000 lbs or more                $300,000

Heavy Truck Registration – Last Update: 05/08/2023