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Disabled Persons Special Offers
Disabled Florida residents MAY qualify for a special vehicle license plates, savings and fee reductions, plus exemptions when processing a title, registration, property tax exemptions and hunting & fishing licenses.
1. Disabled Person Parking Permit
Disabled person parking permits authorize vehicles displaying the permit to park in spaces designated for handicapped parking.  In order to apply for a disabled person parking permit, an Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit must be accurately completed and signed by your physician. There are two types of parking permits; (1) permanent and (2) temporary. Your physician will indicate which they want you to have on the application. Depending on the type of permit you are requesting, you will submit your application as directed below:
Permanent Permit (Blue) Temporary Permit (Red) Note: Parking permits are issued to one person and must only be used by the designated person.  The permit is not interchangeable between spouses or others. Parking permits must be hung on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle when it is parked in a handicapped parking space.  It is recommended that you remove the permit from the rear-view mirror when vehicle is in use.
2. Wheelchair License Plate
A wheelchair (symbol) license plate authorizes vehicles displaying the plate to park in spaces designated for handicapped parking.  These plates may be issued to a person with permanent disabilities who has a vehicle registered in their name and a valid Florida Driver License or ID card. In order to apply for a wheelchair license plate, an Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit must be accurately completed and signed by your physician.
 3. Sales Tax Reduction for Vehicle Modification
Items installed on motor vehicles to make them adaptable for use by persons with disabilities (such as special controls for paralysis or amputees) may be exempt from Florida sales tax. Only the customized portion of the vehicle would be exempt from sales tax. To be tax exempt, a person with a written prescription must purchase the items, a notarized written bill of sale itemizing the exempt portion (s) along with the overall total must be submitted. Information can be found at the Florida Department of Revenue website or by contacting the Florida Department of Revenue at 850.488.6800.
4. Toll Exemption Permit
This permit is a decal that affixes to the front windshield and allows the holder to pass through tolls in Florida without paying. To be eligible, you must complete a form and a medical provider must certify that “the individual is severely physically disabled and has permanent upper limb mobility or dexterity impairments which substantially impair the person’s ability to deposit coins in toll baskets…” You must also operate a vehicle specially equipped for use by the disabled. This pass is available directly from the Florida Department of Transportation; all questions and requests for information should be directed to them (850.410.5700 or https://ctd.fdot.gov/tollpermit.htm).
5. Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption
If you are 100% totally and permanently disabled or quadriplegic you may be exempt from paying ad valorem (property) taxes on your Florida residence {F.S. 196.101(1)}.  For information and to obtain the required forms, contact the Manatee County Property Appraiser at 941.748.8208 or visit manateepao.gov.
6. Free Hunting & Fishing License
If you are 100% totally and permanently disabled, you may be entitled to a free Florida hunting/fishing license. You must apply and submit the required documents online. For more information and to apply online today, visit the state’s online hunting and fishing service (GoOutdoorsFlorida.com). Once approved, print your free hunting and fishing license online.
7. First Manatee South County Tag Agency – extended hours and Saturday Hours
The First Manatee South County Tag Agency processes registration and title transactions for vehicles, boats, and mobile homes, as well as parking permits. This office does not offer driver license, hunting and fishing, or property tax services.

It offers extended hours (9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday) and Saturday hours (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Appointments are available but are not required. To schedule an appointment, visit the auto tag agency website (autotagagency.net). It is located in Southwood Shoppes at 5756 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34207. Their phone number is (941) 782-6050.

This office accepts cash, check, and debit. A 3.5% fee will be charged on all check transactions to guarantee funds and on all debit transactions as a processing fee. An additional $20 fast title fee applies to titles printed on-site.

The First Manatee South County Tag Agency is a privately owned office operating under the authority granted by the Manatee County Tax Collector’s office.
8. Non-Manatee County residents
Not a Manatee County resident? Out-of-county residents can only be served at First Manatee South County Tag Agency. See the section above for more details regarding the First Manatee South County Tag Agency. Otherwise, you will need to visit your home county tax collector’s office.
DisabledPersons – Last Update: 09/01/2022