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FR2 Case: Citation - Failure to Provide Insurance

Customers will be charged a $6.25 Tax Collector service fee for information and processing, and additional transaction fees may apply. Visit taxcollector.com to schedule your appointment. Services are for Manatee County residents and businesses only.

If your license is suspended or revoked, we urge you not to drive to or from our office, as you may be ticketed or arrested by law enforcement if caught driving.  (There are no exceptions or allowances in Florida Statutes [the law] that would allow a person to drive to a tax collector or driver license office on a suspended or revoked license.)

The No-Fault Law (S. 627.733, 627.734, and 627.736(9)(a), F.S.) requires proof of Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage continuously throughout a current vehicle registration period in the following amounts:
If you are cited by law enforcement for failure to show proof of no-fault coverage and the court suspends your driver license, a Financial Responsibility suspension will be applied to your driver license record.  Since the court has afforded due notice and opportunity to be heard, the suspension is effective immediately
This type of suspension affects your driver license and any plates/registrations in your name and remains in effect for two years from the original suspension date.
Step 1. Save a Trip – You Might NOT Have to Visit Our Office
Received a letter from the FLHSMV?
Follow the FLHSMV’s Wizard for clearance information! www.flhsmv.gov/insurance/received-a-letter/fr200
Need to contact the FLHSMV by phone or email?
The FLHSMV customer service center can provide you with clearance information. They can be reached by phone at 850.617.2000 OR email at https://www3.flhsmv.gov/DDL/CQS/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=none&utm_campaign=tracking&utm_content=DLSilo

Need to reinstate? Many suspensions can be reinstated online - or scan the QR code on the right to access the site

Step 2. Obtain Clearance Documentation
You must obtain clearance documents based on your unique circumstances: 

Option 1. You Had PIP and PDL Coverage on the Offense Date
 Present proof of Florida PIP and PDL in effect on the offense date. The proof of insurance may be a card, policy or binder, provided it lists PIP and PDL coverage. 

Note: If the Florida insurance was already submitted and was denied, a letter from the insurance company (on the insurance company’s letterhead) must be presented and must include (1) insurance company/agent contact info, (2) insurance company name, (3) policy number, (4) policy period, (5) insurance company code, (6) vehicle(s) insured, (7) level of coverage (including PIP and PDL) and (8) name of insured. Or, Florida insurance for another policy/company must be presented that was in effect on the offense date.

Option 2. You Did Not Have PIP and PDL Coverage on the Offense Date
 You must carry PIP and PDL coverage certified by an SR-22 form for two years from the original SR-22 certificate effective date.  The SR-22 form can be submitted in one of the following formats:
Note: Copies of the SR-22 form will not be accepted, nor will insurance cards or policies in this case.

Option 3. You Did Not Own the Vehicle on the Offense Date

 You must provide the original citation that specifies that you failed to provide proof of insurance to the law enforcement officer (subject to verification of non-ownership).

Option 4. You Opt to Turn in the Plate for the Uninsured Vehicle (or the Plate is Expired)

 If you do not want to purchase an SR-22 and you cannot prove that you were insured on the offense date, you can surrender the plate for the vehicle that was uninsured and operated at the time of the offense (subject to verification).
Important Note: If you choose this option, a “stop” will be added to your vehicle and plate until you comply with SR-22 requirements.

Option 5. You No Longer Own the Vehicle (After the Offense Date)

 If you do not want to purchase an SR-22 and you cannot prove that you were insured on the offense date, you must provide a Bill of Sale to prove non-ownership of the vehicle for which you received the citation (subject to verification).
Important Note: If you choose this option, a “stop” will be added to your vehicle and plate until you comply with SR-22 requirements.

Option 6. You Waited Out the 2-Year Suspension Period
 If one of the following applies, you may be eligible to reinstate your driver record without obtaining an SR-22:
  1. If the original suspension date was prior to May 1, 2019, or
  2. It has been two years since the original suspension date and the suspension was never reinstated during the two years, or
  3. It has been two years from the original certificate effective date of the SR-22.
Step 3. Reinstate Your Driver License Record

You have the following options to reinstate your driver license record:

 Online! Many suspensions can be reinstated online - or scan the QR code to access the site

 Visit our Driver License Office at 904 301 Blvd W, Bradenton – Appointments are required. You must present all reinstatement documents needed based on your unique circumstance, as detailed in Step 2.

All documents will be scanned and are subject to verification.

Step 4. Acceptable Methods of Payment and Estimated Fees

We accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards. A $2.50 processing fee for debit cards and a 2.5% processing fee (minimum of $2.50) for credit cards will apply. Our office does not retain any portion of this fee.
Estimate of fees* for your reinstatement:

Service Fee                                              $6.25
Compliance Prior to Suspension             $0.00
Waited Out Suspension                           $0.00           
Reinstatement fee (based on previous suspensions):
  • $150.00 (1st suspension)
  • $250.00 (2nd suspension within 3 years from 1st reinstatement date)
  • $500.00 (3rd suspension within 3 years from 1st reinstatement date)
*Fees listed above only apply to reinstatements processed at the Driver License Office. Online fees may differ slightly.

**Other related reinstatement or issuance fees may apply.

 If you have another insurance suspension that requires you to carry an FR44, this can be used in lieu of obtaining an SR22.

 You can sign up for electronic notifications when citations and/or sanctions are added to your record online - or scan the QR code on the right to access the site

 An Online Application is REQUIRED for all transactions! To complete your driver license or ID card transaction at one of our offices, you must complete the Online Driver License & ID Card Application (https://taxcollector.jotform.com/210103795736152) – or scan the QR code to access the application – prior to your appointment. Do not print the application; an associate will access your electronic submission during your appointment. Applications are valid for 90 days.

Not a Manatee County Resident? Our offices are open by appointment only for Manatee County residents/businesses only.  All out-of-county residents must visit their home county for information and processing.  To find a location visit flhsmv.gov/locations.

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