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Written Exams

Customers will be charged a $6.25 Tax Collector service fee for information and processing, and additional transaction fees may apply. Visit taxcollector.com to schedule your appointment. Services are for Manatee County residents and businesses only.

We offer written exams for Class E Learner Licenses, Commercial Licenses (CDL) and Commercial License Endorsements. Written exams are administered by appointment only. All appointments must be scheduled at taxcollector.com. (We hold no responsibility for system down-time.) 
ONLINE  WRITTEN  EXAM:   If  you are under 18 years old, you may be eligible to take the Learner License written exam online! After you pass online testing, an appointment is required to obtain a license in our Driver License Office. You could be randomly selected to retake the written exam. For a list of providers, visit flhsmv.gov.
 An Online Application is REQUIRED for all transactions! To complete your driver license or ID card       transaction at one of our offices, you must complete the Online Driver License & ID Card Application   (https://taxcollector.jotform.com/210103795736152) – or scan the QR code to access the application – prior   to your appointment. Do not print the application; an associate will access your electronic submission during your appointment. Applications are valid for 90 days.

Note: At your scheduled appointment, you will be required to present documents that establish your identity pursuant to the Real ID Act (e.g. US birth certificate, US passport, USCIS/INS documents, proof of name change(s), Social Security Card, and 2 proofs of residential address in your name). For a complete list of acceptable identity documents, visit flhsmv.gov/whattobring.
Due to the length of time involved in written exams, the following cut-off times have been established:
 Class E Written Exams  Commercial License (CDL) Written Exams  Hazmat Written Exam
Latest appointment:  3:45 pm
Cannot begin exam
after:  4:15 pm
General Knowledge (50 Questions)
  • 45 Road Rules
  • 5 Road Signs
Latest appointment:  3:45 pm
Cannot begin exam after:  4:15 pm

  • General Knowledge (50 questions)
  • Air Brakes (25 questions)
  • Combination (20 questions)
  • Double/Triples (20 questions)
  • Tanker (20 questions)
  • Passenger – requires Driving Skills Road Test (20 questions)
  • School Bus – requires Driving Skills Road Test (20 questions)  
Latest appointment:  1:30 pm
Cannot begin exam after:  3:15 pm
Hazardous Materials (30 questions)
Once successfully passed, the Hazmat application process will be completed, time permitting.
Requirements to Pass Written Exams:  You must pass with a score of 80% or better
Permitted Time and Test Limits
  • There is a sixty (60) minute time limit on all written exams completed in our office (time permitting). We strongly recommend that you study the driver handbook (flhsmv.gov/resources) for the applicable exams prior to testing.
  • If you do not pass a written exam, you will be allowed to make one more attempt that same day, provided your re-take is started prior to the established cut-off time above. (You are only allowed two attempts per exam per day, regardless of which office/county you visit.) The fee per exam retake is $16.25 and would be collected after you finish the retake.
  • Written exams not finished by 4:50 pm may result in the written exam being terminated and you may be subject to exam retake fees.
Special Notes
Translation Dictionaries and Interpreters: All written exams are electronically administered via a touch-screen monitor. Learner License exams are available in English, Spanish, Haitian-Creole, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Arabic languages. Commercial License (CDL) exams are only available in English and Spanish. You may use printed or electronic translation dictionaries when taking written exams. (Cell phones are not allowed.)
Cheating During Exams: The Exam Center is recorded and monitored.  If caught cheating, you will be disqualified and you will not be allowed to retake any exams that day. You will also pay the $16.25 retake fee for any exams you were in the process of attempting.
Not a Manatee County Resident? Our offices are open by appointment only for Manatee County residents/businesses only.  All out-of-county residents must visit their home county for information and processing.  To find a location visit flhsmv.gov/locations.
Written Exams – Last Update: 03/19/2024